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Wednesday, April 23, 2008



Transformer 3 Involves Your vehicle DVD GPS Player

Watch movies on Autdvdgps in-dash dvd player

Transformers 3 is really a totally hot word in these months. Transformers 3, the Dark of the Moon's first show is on 29th, June, 2011. The story is all about how Autobots save yourself the planet, like Transformers 1 and Transformers 2, Revenge of the Fallen. It is completely one of the more popular movie in the annals, contains science fiction, action and high technology. People could go directly to the cinema to view this great 3D movie, that could really shock you. Till now, you may still find many people that are thinking about this movie, although many of them have watched that one already.

While the technology develops, cinema isn't the only real spot to watch movies. Actually you can watch the Transformers in your vehicle, when you have a multifunctional navigation system. What this means is you can watch the Transformers even though you have been in a journey. Which navigation system might make this become a reality? Visit Autodvdgps web site!

On autodvdgps web site, you may find many types of multifunctional navigation units. The vehicle dvd players and navigation system are classified by auto brands and models. So you might go directly to the corresponding page to obtain the suitable one for the car. There's also some universal dvds, meaning these fit all the car models. These high level navigation unit has a number of other features, near the integral navigation system. The largest one is dvd playing function. With this feature you can watch transformers in your vehicle. The in-dash gps unit still has touchscreen and controls get a grip on, which are convenient for the driver to manage. Additionally, it supports ipod. Or iphone. The Bluetooth is yet another highlight of the unit. A few of the navigation supports 3D map computer software. Maybe as time goes on, you can view the 3D movie in your car by the headrest monitor, although not for the driver.

With this in-dash dvd player, you certainly do not need to fall into line to purchase the ticket. It might also enable you to cut costs, while the ticket is really a little costly frequently, specifically for the great movies like Transformer. You can watch movie anywhere you prefer, in the park, near a river, on a little mountain, and so on. How romantic it is in the event that you watch movies together with your lover in those places!?

Anyway, The transformer makes us to build up better car dvd player for the high technology movie, like 3D movie. Autodvdgps will attempt very difficult to create this become a reality soon.

Cite: Transformer 3 Comes to Your Car DVD GPS Player

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